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Whether You Are A Torah Scholar or Secular Jew or Anything In Between

If you would like to create some exciting programs about Judaism in your synagogue or Jewish institution, you should be familiar with Irwin Graulich,who has been called, "The Maggid of Westchester." Irwin has inspired Jews worldwide to learn more about Yiddishkeit, Torah and Israel's important role in the world, while bringing "many Jews back into the pews."

Why Lead A Jewish Life?

Why Be Jewish?; The Real Problems and Solutions in Israel; If God Took The Jews Out of Egypt, Why Didn't He Take Them Out of Europe? Where Was God During The Holocaust? The 10 Commandments Applied To The Israeli-Palestinian Crisis; Which is True? The Torah or Our Science Books; Judaism and Feminism; and Why The Hatred For Israel and America; are just a few of Irwin Graulich's latest talks.

Irwin's prime agenda is to have all Jews--Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Secular or Atheist, look into the meaning and importance of Judaism, and not merely do things by rote.  Irwin’s touching lectures have clearly shown how religion can become an important vehicle for ethics, passion and values, adding much beauty to family and life.  The Jewish Week featured him in an article entitled, "The Maggid of Westchester."

Mr. Graulich's talks have captivated audiences by promoting the idea that the Jewish religion is a state of the art formula for human potential. This approach to "rational Judaism" has demonstrated an amazing system which celebrates life and emphasizes a continuous improvement for the human condition.